To tell the truth, I’m not a v…


To tell the truth, I’m not a vegetarian now.

Our Area 14th speech contest finished on 13th Sep.

This time topic is the Humorous Speech.

I was talking about my vegetarian life.

The title was “Health Conscious”

I had been a vegetarian for 3 years.

To tell the truth, I’m not a vegetarian now.

The reason why I talked in the contest.

I took Area 14th’s 2st Place in The Humorous Speech Contest.

My MusashiUrawa TMC Team mate’s Armando could be

with a powerful delivery and took 1st place.

MusashiUrawa TMC Team rocked the contest.

I prepared the contest speech script all night.

Because I did prepare nothing at all.

My efforts were well rewarded.

Thank you for everybody coming to the contest.




世界一のスモールビジネスアドバイザー、マイケルE.ガーバー 起業家の神話







「忙しいけど、売上が伸びない。」「自分がいないと会社が回らない。」「個人事業主から抜け出せない。」 もしあなたがこのような悩みを抱えているのであれば、「起業家の神話」は役に立つでしょう。世界70,000人の起業家を救ってきた処方箋のエッセンスがここに書かれています。詳細はこちら

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